“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Romans 12:6

We are all born with natural inclinations toward certain personality characteristics. Temperament is the biological part of your personality. Your temperament can help you manage your depression.

Dominant personalities are hard charging, get-it-done, goal oriented people. Use those characteristics as you deal with your depression. With your counselor use your abilities to set realistic goals. It may be as simple as those “can’t get of bed days” you set a goal of taking a shower. Use your unique strength and determination to tackle the problems that come with depression.

If you have a dominant personality realize treating depression takes time. Don’t become angry because it doesn’t happen as quickly as you think it should. Learn that some things are out of your control.

Use your determination to overcome obstacles.

You may be a people person that loves people and love people loving you. You may be the life-of-the-party. People may be drawn to you because of your positive strengths.

Use that strength. You have a large circle of friends for encouragement. Ask a friend to do a daily phone check. Have a friend bring over a comedy. Find another who will take you on short outings.

In the past you have overcome problems by energizing the people around you. This is a time to receive energy from those who energize you. When you are able, call some of those friends. Let some of their energy fuel you.

One of the symptoms of depression is isolation from others. This is especially difficult for those who are people-oriented by nature.You may be surprised how hard it is to be around people during times of depression.  Give yourself time. Little steps lead to bigger steps toward healing.

By temperament you could be a steady, reliable , and loyal person. Your victories have come because of your patience. You take one step at a time until you overcome your obstacles. Steady people are compliant in taking medicine and following counselors’ guidelines. You will stick to your regimen. Patience is your strength.

The steady temperament is often coupled with low energy. It may be more difficult to be energized and move forward. You have used your temperament to steadily chip away at your problems in the past. Depression treatment takes time. Use your patience to help manage your depression.

Investigative people want to know the “why” of problems. Use your skills by researching depression. What do you learn? Put positive things into practice.

For the investigator, understand that healing does not have simple solutions. There is no elementary cause and effect. Use your strengths by seeking to understand the elements of your depression.

You have many strengths that have helped you manage problems in the past. Put all of your strengths to work, including your temperament.

Author’s note: Taken from the author’s book Bright Spots In The Darkness