Empowering individuals to live well in spite of a mental health diagnosis along with their loved ones through peer-to-peer Christian mental health support groups that are recovery principle driven.


Fresh Hope for Mental Health Groups

Fresh Hope for Mental Health Groups are our ongoing mental health support groups for young adults and adults who have a mental health diagnosis along with those who love them.  The groups are faith-based and four on the Fresh Hope tenets.  The groups are sponsored by local churches and ministries.  Plus, there are online groups that meet that are sponsored by the Fresh Hope International Office.  Facilitators are trained and receive ongoing support from the International Fresh Hope Office.

Fresh Hope for Teens

Fresh Hope for Teen groups are two groups in one.  When a church or ministry sponsors a Fresh Hope for Teens group, they are essentially sponsoring two groups.  One group consists of teens and their friends, and the second group consists of their parents, foster parents, step-parents, and legal guardians.  Each group has two trained and certified facilitators, and they rotate between the two groups.  In some cases, a church or ministry sponsors a Fresh Hope Teen group, and they also have a regular Fresh Hope for Mental Health group (see above), and the parents of the teens attend that group.  The teen groups have specific teen-oriented tenets. 

For more information about Fresh Hope for Teens, click here.

Fresh Hope for Living Free

There are two parts to Fresh Hope for Living Free.  Part 1 of Fresh Hope for Living Free is an 18-session short-term group class that focuses on such things as trauma, emotional age, the cognitive model of Fresh Hope, being free in spite of being locked up etc.

Part 2 of Fresh Hope for Living Free is an ongoing faith-based support group for those who have either have a dual diagnosis and/or may have been incarcerated and are beginning over in life and have completed Part 1 of Fresh Hope for Living Free.

These materials were created within a jail setting.  Many of the intimates had an addiction and mental health issues as well as behavioral issues.  So, Part 1, the short-term group class can be used within a jail or prison setting or can be just used in a congregational setting also.  This material would be considered appropriate for anyone who has emotional struggles, mental health issues, and relationship issues, but may have never been incarcerated.   So, Part 2 is the ongoing group that someone might desire to attend after completing the 18 sessions of Part 1.

For more information about Fresh Hope for Living Free – click here.

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Trauma Healing Groups

Fresh Hope facilitators are qualified per the Trauma Healing Institute’s standards in leading trauma healing groups.

Healing groups are approximately 12 hours long and are a safe place to assist people in identifying heart wounds caused by trauma and to provide them with tools to help process and begin to find hope and healing.

Participants are taught both a Biblical view of how to cope with pain and suffering and proven mental health practices.

Trauma Healing groups are offered monthly, alternating between in person at the Fresh Hope facilities in Omaha, Nebraska and on-line via Zoom. (Click the signup button to see the next available groups.)

Fresh Hope facilitators are also qualified to train and qualify Trauma Healing facilitators. For further information on qualifying as a facilitator, email Donna Hoefs at

Surviving Together Groups

Fresh Hope is presently piloting this group. It is a faith-based support group for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Right now, we only have one of these groups since we are only in the piloting phase. However, if your church and/or ministry would like to be part of the piloting phase we would encourage you to email

For more information about Surviving Together Groups- click here.


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