A Unique Seminar this Thursday, October 12th, for Parents and Youth and Children Ministry Leaders

If you are a parent or work in the area of children’s and/or youth ministries you will NOT want to miss this seminar!

This seminar will provide a  unique opportunity for parents along with ministry leaders to learn about the mental health of children and youth and how the Church can become effective in its ministry with the kids and youth who have mental health challenges.

The speaker line up includes two psychiatrists who specialize in children and adolescent psychiatry: Dr. Steve Grcevich, head of KEY Ministry, (www.KeyMinistry.org) and Dr. Brian Luberstedt from Omaha, Nebraska.   Along with,  Colleen Thomas Swindoll who is the daughter of Insights for Living’s speaker, Chuck Swindoll.  Colleen heads up the Reframing Ministries division of Insight for Living.

You can attend in person or watch it online.  For more information go to www.FreshHopeConference.com

October 12.2017


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In Pastor Brad Hoefs powerful blog post Pastoring and Suicidal: Insights from a Pastor Who Has Been There he brought to light many challenges pastors face in modern-day ministry.  Pastors have blessed me and my family with their words and actions throughout the years, but this article made me stop and think about how to purposefully return the blessing.  


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Webinar: How Churches Can Facilitate Access to Mental Health Care

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Webinar: What I Wish My Pastor Knew About Mental Health

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