Facilitator Training Starter Kit

For a donation of $79.99

Hello Friend,

You’ve taken the first step towards starting a Fresh Hope Group.  We are so excited for you!

Your Fresh Hope Group needs to have a church or related ministry to accept sponsorship of the group. This means the Fresh Hope for Mental Health Group becomes a ministry of its sponsor. With oversight by a sponsor, your group will have the spiritual and financial support it needs along with a physical place to meet. This helps the group to be accountable to Christ, to their sponsoring church, and to the established model of Fresh Hope. Groups may meet in churches, ministry centers, health facilities, or correctional institutions.

Once you purchase your starter kit, you will receive online access to our training.  Within the training you will find the areas where we need you to enter your sponsorship information, and your trainee information.  You will be able to start the training, but we must have the sponsorship information before you can actually start a group.

Here you will be providing all the required information and purchasing the Fresh Hope Starter Membership Kit.

The Starter Membership Kit includes:

  • 1 Fresh Hope book
  • 1 Holding to Hope Book
  • Training Manual (download)
  • Tenet Card: 1
  • Topic Cards: 1 set (download)
  • Brochures: 5
  • Posters: 2
  • Invitation Business Card (download)
  • Boot Camp Basics Video Series (first 12 weeks’ topics) (download)
  • Online Facilitator Training for up to 4 people (additional books can be purchased)

The price is $79.99.

*Additional supplies may be purchased in the Fresh Hope Facilitator store.



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