About Jared Diehl

Jared is 37 years old and lives in La Verne, CA. He is the host of the Louder Now Podcast. A podcast dedicated to merging faith in God with recovery, addiction and mental health topics. Jared loves to give people hope with sharing his story.

Jared also works as Mental Health Advocate for National Alliance Of Mental Ilness. In his free time he likes movies and playing hockey.

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Everything You Need

In my experience of 15 years of having a bipolar diagnosis and also walking with God as a Christian it comes down to the needs and drives we have are to be understood, loved, connected and cared about by others.

This desire does come from God but there can be a gap in what we know to be true and our experience. Getting help for the suffering we can experience will lead us to know and understand love better and that will be a great and stable thing. If we don’t give up we will get there.



Webinar "How Churches Can Facilitate Access to Mental Health Care"

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Webinar "What I Wish My Pastor Knew About Mental Health"

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