Staying Sane While Loving Someone with a Mental Illness

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The book is perfect for anyone who loves someone who has a mental health challenge. It centers around the 7 Fresh Hope Recovery Principles for Loved Ones. It’s filled with a transparent look and learned insights into the Hoefs’ lives as they navigated through the darkest days following Brad’s first major bipolar episode in 1995.

Holding to Hope is not only for individuals to read but can also be used in a group setting for a group to process together.

This book is for you, the loved one. Our intent is to empower you to live well, give you hope and the strength to hold onto that hope in spite of the ups and downs of your loved one’s recovery journey. We hope to provide you with practical insights, cause you to think, encourage you to find healing, and most of all to assure you that you are NOT alone. You can become the hero against the villain of mental illness in your life
How do you find hope in the midst of what seems to be a hopeless situation? How do you as their loved one hold on to hope for them and yourself? How do give them hope much less hold onto hope yourself? That’s what this book is about. It’s about giving you hope. This book will empower you to hold onto hope while offering hope to your loved one who has a mental illness.
Loving someone who has a mental illness can be as difficult as having the illness itself. It is even possible for those who love someone with a mental illness to suffer even more than their loved one who has the diagnosis. Their pain is your pain. Their struggle is your struggle. You are their mental health coach, life coach, and advocate. And yet, who is caring for you? How do you keep from being ‘done in’ by the roller coaster of mental health recovery?

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Brad and Donna Hoefs are college sweethearts who have been married for over 40 years. They are blessed with two children and four grandkids. They have served in the ministry of the church for the past 35 years; Donna as a worship leader and teacher, Brad as pastor. Brad is the founder of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, and today is the full-time Executive Director. Donna continues to serve as the worship leader of Anchor of Hope, is a facilitator for Fresh Hope’s Trauma Healing groups, and heads-up WorshipOutlet.com. The Hoefs are ever so grateful for the Lord’s redemptive work in their lives. They are living proof that there is always hope!
Amy SimpsonAuthor of Troubled Minds, Anxious and Blessed are the Unsatisfied
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“One of the most helpful jobs a book can do is give us words to validate and define our experience. In this book, you’ll receive those words, along with realistic encouragement and multilayered hope.”
Colleen Swindoll-ThompsonFounder of Reframing Ministries with Insight for Living Frisco, Texas
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“Written with clarity and compassion, Brad and Donna reveal the enormous suffering and extraordinary misunderstanding that most people with mental health challenges face…most often from those in the “Christian Church”. By choosing to pursue truth and grace, this work equips and empowers individuals and families, communities and churches to live well together, regardless of any diagnosis. Packed with practical tips, go-to resources, reflective questions and Biblical principles, there is no reason or excuse for families to suffer in isolation…EVER! This book is a balm for the broken and a guide for those who desire to fully and faithfully love others.”
Doug BeachNational Chairman of NAMI-FaithNet
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“Holding to Hope is refreshingly real and enormously useful. The Hoefs open a window to their lives, sharing the challenges of living with a mental health challenge as husband and wife, a pastor and pastor's wife, parents, and friends to others. Brad and Donna's vulnerability and honesty are a testament to living a life of hope, learning how to lean into our circumstances, and coming out better. You won't regret reading this book. In fact, you'll give thanks for Brad and Donna's lives that have now enriched thousands.”

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