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Here you can be matched to your own personal Hope Coach. A Hope Coach is someone who has been trained and certified by Fresh Hope for Mental Health to help you move from feeling hopeless or stuck to a place of feeling hopeful. A Hope Coach is not a licensed mental health care provider. Rather, a Hope Coach is a short-term friend specifically trained in “how hope happens” and what hopelessness is, all based upon 25 years of clinical research.  The Hope Coaching program is a Christian/faith-based ministry. (Please note, you do not need to be a person of faith to connect with a Hope Coach. And Hope Coaches are not here to evangelize anyone.)

The friendship between a Hope Coach and one who has requested their help is short-term, meaning three to five times of chatting with your Hope Coach. Although it could be as few as one or two, or possibly a few more than five if necessary. Here at Fresh Hope Coach, you’ll be matched with a Hope Coach that you can communicate via phone, text, Zoom, and email. Everything is confidential

Within the Fresh Hope Coaching Connector, you’ll also find videos and even some courses on finding hope and moving forward in life.

A Hope Coach is beneficial if...

A Hope Coach is non-judgmental and will respect and honor you by listening. The Hope Coach does not give you advice. But, they are trained to ask you important questions to help you process any of your present pain
and circumstances.

Hope Coaching is a free ministry that Fresh Hope for Mental Health offers. You do not need to have a mental health “issue” or diagnosis to request a coach.

If you’d like a Hope Coach, fill out the following form and a Hope Coach will get in touch with you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing suicidal ideations or suicidal thoughts, please contact your mental health care provider immediately -OR- call 911. Hope Coaching is NOT a service provider for mental health care emergencies.

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Thank you for taking the next step towards hope.

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