I Need a Hope Coach!

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I Need a Hope Coach!

I know I’ve felt it. A feeling of being unable to move forward in my decisions. Of ruminating. What to do? What to do? How do I decide? I can’t see how to move next. Is there even a “next”? Will this ever change?

I’ve felt trapped in a situation, and I can’t even think about the future, only the bleak present. I just can’t get past the circumstances – they weigh me down, keep me up at night. Over and over, I play through the scenarios. And the light all around me is dull, dark even. I can’t see anything but the sucky situation.

Maybe my friends are sick of hearing about it. I know I’m sick of talking about it. I’m definitely sick of thinking about it, but it won’t go away. I feel bound to this situation, tied tightly to it, with no relief in sight. I’m feeling hopeless that things will ever change – things will never change! And there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’ve tried praying about it, but no relief comes. I’ve searched the Scriptures – there’s nothing I can see that applies to my dire circumstances. I’ve talked to friends, and they offer no solutions. That’s what I want, a solution. But no one has any suggestions, and I’m feeling helpless. Nothing is changing. I’m stuck.

I need a Hope Coach!

A Hope Coach is a person who cares that I’m stuck and wants to help me move to “unstuck”.

A Hope Coach is a peer who will listen to my story, with its twists and complications, and will be with me as I sift through it all.

A Hope Coach isn’t a counselor or therapist. She (or he) won’t give me advice or tell me what to do.

A Hope Coach is someone who will ask good questions, who will hear what I say and give it back to me, so that I can hear it for myself, who will ask me to clarify and define my difficult circumstances.

A Hope Coach will listen to my pain, really hear me.

A Hope Coach will be with me for a short time, in a relationship designed for the purpose of helping me to see a way ahead.

A Hope Coach will cheer me on as I begin to see the next steps I can take to move through my situation.

A Hope Coach might have lived experience as someone with a mental health challenge or be someone who loves someone with a mental health challenge.

A Hope Coach is someone who listens well and asks great questions in an effort to help me see a way to move forward.

A Hope Coach is a person who will help me move from Hopelessness to Hope!

Want to know more about Hope Coaching? Read again next month.


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