Bright Spots in the Darkness by Rick Qualls

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Christians can be depressed. Yet there is stigma in the church for suffering depression.  Well meaning people will say: “Just get over it.” “Think about good things.” “Confess your hidden sin.” “You must not be reading your Bible enough.” 

Instead of help you may find judgment.

If you suffer from depression here is a message of hope. God has not forgotten you. You have a disease. You are not alone. There is treatment. You can have hope.

Jesus’ Beatitudes can help us manage depression. Bright Spots show how.


Author Rick Qualls, a pastor of 40 years, has bipolar 2 depression, and dealt with it through the years of ministry. Bright Spots come from the author’s experience and pastoral ministry. He understands the damage depression can do. Bright Spots offer insight from a fellow traveler on the journey of depression’s shadows.  Visit his website at He is a regular blogger for Fresh Hope. Follow him here.