Participant Results

Participant Results 2018-09-10T20:17:29+00:00

Self-Reported Results of those who attend our
Fresh Hope for Mental Health Group Meetings for Six Weeks


96% of the weekly participants in Fresh Hope attribute their participation in Fresh Hope for the reason that they now feel more hopeful than prior to their participation in Fresh Hope.


92.3% of those who have attended other mental health support groups prior to coming to Fresh Hope say that Fresh Hope is more positive and helpful in their recovery than the previous groups they had attended.


87.5% say that prior to participating in Fresh Hope they had been suicidal or had suicidal ideations.

Of that 87.5%


52.4% of them say that since attending Fresh Hope they have not been suicidal nor do they have any more suicidal ideations.


33.3% of them say they have not been suicidal since their participation in Fresh Hope, but have had some suicidal ideations.


14.3% report that they have been less suicidal and have fewer suicidal ideations since participating in Fresh Hope.


0% report that they have the same amount of ideations or suicide attempts as they had prior to attending Fresh Hope.


0% report having more ideations or suicide attempts since attending Fresh Hope.


Out of those who had been hospitalized prior to attending Fresh Hope, 71.4% of them have had no hospital stays (inpatient or outpatient) since attending Fresh Hope.


14.3% report having fewer stays in an inpatient hospital or outpatient programs.


14.3.% say they have had the same amount of hospitalizations since attending Fresh Hope.


97% say that the fact that Fresh Hope is faith-based is extremely important to them.


94% report they have a better understanding of their diagnosis since attending Fresh Hope.


96% report being more compliant with their medical treatment and using wellness skills in their recovery since attending Fresh Hope.