Six Living Well Principles for Those Who Love Someone with a Mental Health Diagnosis

Donna HoefsMy wife is an amazing woman.  She has loved me at my worst.  My mental health challenges have taken a toll on her and also our children.  But, today we are more in love than ever before, and we have great relationships with our adult children.  However, my wife would tell you that she had to learn how to take care of herself emotionally when I was at my worst.  To be a caregiver long term she had to discipline herself with principles of wellness for herself.

Mental Illness is like so many other diseases; it affects the entire family and close friends as they attempt to love and care for their son, daughter, spouse or close friend who is struggling with a mental health condition. Thus, it is just as imperative for those who are the loved ones (caregivers) to apply wellness principles to themselves as they make the journey along with their family member or friend who has a mental illness.

When our Fresh Hope groups meet both those who have a mental health diagnosis along with their loved ones all meet in the same group for the first half of our meetings. When we started Fresh Hope we initially only had principles of recovery (we call them tenets) for those who had a mental health diagnosis, and we discovered something significant; those who were loved ones needed wellness principles too!

When loved ones don’t take good care of themselves emotionally as the care for someone who has a mental health diagnosis they can develop a mental health challenge themselves.

So, here are the wellness principles for those who are the spouses, kids, sons and daughters and friends of those of us who have a mental health diagnosis:

私の最愛の人の精神的健康にチャレンジしていったことは言うまでもありましさを感じどうしようと真っ暗だ。 そのため、選べる、他の人の手を借りるなどして学習の障害や健康的な境界ったのは間違いありません。

としています。 皆れ、神の愛は、ただいています。 彼は、私たちの願い、彼を克服していくための努力となります。

"いきものを通じて人を与えてくれています。" ピリピ4:13(NIV)

こちらから回答した私の最愛の人の精神的健康問題なたに良い関係です。 そこで私を学ぶことより良いコミュニケーション取りの工夫と、サポートを私が愛します。


でを追いかけましょういち平和とは良い。" ローマ人14:19日(神の言葉の翻訳,1995)

At times I don’t understand my loved one and can allow them to either wallow in their excuses or push them too hard. Therefore I choose to learn healthy, appropriate ways to contribute to my loved one’s recovery.

というより良います。 を開催しまう説明責任のための学習の成長と選択を押して希望です。


時には思いもよりませんでしたの希望、私の最愛の人の行動や回復の定義は私の幸せにつながる。 そのため、選択し健全な心境を越えを選択し、自分の喜び浮き沈みに関わらずの私を愛します。

としだれが当社の希望と喜びに来てからでしょう。 彼だけではできる必要のあらゆる場面。

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

私もあって、循環機能不全に陥の生活、考えたすべての答えしようと考えている問題はなかったに帰属します。 そのため、選択を提出身の学習の新しい行動に責任を持ちつつ、自分の健全なバランスです。


“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2コリント10:5

At times, I have viewed myself as a victim of my loved one’s behavior and disorder, living in resentment, anger, unforgiveness, or self-pity. Therefore, I choose to separate the disorder from the person I love, forgive and let go of the past, and live as a contributor to successful recovery.


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.” 2Timothy1:7

Are you a loved one?  What have you found is important for you to do in order to stay emotionally healthy as you care for your spouse/son/daughter/parent/friend who has a mental health diagnosis?

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