Fresh Hope Today: Keys to Successful Recovery

Fresh Hope

While the journey of mental health recovery varies from person to person there do some to be some key principles that are primary to most all paths to successful recovery.

In this episode of Fresh Hope Today Pastor Brad, who has bipolar disorder, shares the key Christian mental health principles that he has found to be the most helpful in his own sustained recovery. 

Brad Hoefs, host of the program is the founder of Fresh Hope,  Fresh Hope began as one Christian support group for those who have mental health issues along with their loved ones and has grown to numerous groups throughout the United States with a list of even more groups starting in the near future. If you are interested in either finding a group or starting a group email us at: 

Brad is also the author of a book entitled, Fresh Hope: Living Well in Spite of a Mental Health Diagnosis.  It is available on Amazon or at 

This podcast is a weekly free production of Fresh Hope Ministries.  The mission of Fresh Hope is to empower those who have a mental health diagnosis and their loved ones to live a faith-filled, rich and full life in spite of having a mental health challenge.  

Besides being a pastor, Brad is a certified peer support specialist and weekly blogger for Bipolar Magazine,

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Getting Hopeful: Seven Reasons to Start a Fresh Hope Group in Your Church By: Katie Dale

The church is a beautiful body of redeemed souls, yet our minds are still subject to the effects of sin in our fallen world. This is a truth we can’t ignore. Which is why it is so crucial that the church proactively and appropriately responds to hurting members that are in need of attention and proper treatment of their mental health conditions.

Fresh Hope for Mental Health is such a way to assist in the healing process. Having a Fresh Hope group in place in your church will empower participants to live a full, rich and faith-filled life in spite of their mental health challenges.












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