Hope For Climbing The Bipolar Mountain

Bipolar is like a mountain  when don’t have energy for climbing.

Memories of special times are blocked. When family talks about previous trips and events we may […]

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A Checklist For Depression Managment

“What’s going on?”, my friend asked. “How can I help?

Confidently I said, “Why nothing. You know I was depressed but I’m good now. The meds are […]

Using Your Personality Strengths To Help Manage Your Bipolar

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Romans 12:6

We are all born with natural inclinations toward certain personality characteristics. Temperament […]

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Changing Our Self-Talk To Faith-Talk

The other day I was pitching a baseball to grandsons. If you know me, you realize I am balding…all except for a little patch right in the front. […]

Halloween Is Not A Time To Stigmatize Mental Illness

“Come quick it’s an emergency,” our 7 year old grandson said. He has a three year old brother and immediately we wondered what happened. With two active little […]

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How Do You Manage Anxiety When You Are Depressed?

Before I was treated for bipolar depression I also developed an anxiety disorder. For example, I found it difficult to eat in public. When we had church functions […]